our business.

Established in 2012, learn more about who we are and how we function.

Who We Are

Established in 2012, Pet Underwriting Managing Agents is a provider of simple and reliable comprehensive short term insurance for medical costs relating to your cat and dog. Although our offices are in Cape Town, we operate throughout South Africa, with representation in the Western Cape and KZN.

Our promises

We promise to answer your questions correctly and accurately.

We promise to explain and clarify details where necessary and act on such promises.

In all our dealings – We promise to treat you with respect.

We promise to maintain the integrity of you and your pet’s personal information.

How Pet Underwriting Managing Agents is run:

We’re a Underwriting Manager on behalf of Renasa Insurance Co Ltd

P.UMA was established to help defray the cost of medically-necessary healthcare costs for Cats and Dogs.
Our core business is short term insurance for medical costs relating to sickness and or injury to your pet.
We are self –administered. We perform all our functions in-house, and our daily operations are overseen by our operational Director, Ms Chanelle Williams who brings 20 years plus experience in medical administration. We have no corporate infrastructure and nurture a friendly approachable and more importantly caring culture to all our interactions. Whether such interactions are toward Brokers/Intermediaries, broker clients or indeed to the pets themselves – WE CARE.
We can ONLY deal via brokers.
Our licence allows us to offer products to the market via Brokers however in terms of claims handling we often find that the we become involved directly with clients as we apply our experience toward slick claims settlement.

Our divisions

Underwriting division
The Underwriting division is responsible for processing all changes to cover detail such as ;
• application forms or sign ups
• Change of detail requests.
• proof of subscription payments
• Addition of new pets.
• contact detail updates

Claims processing division

Thanks to our specialised industry knowledge and experience, our team is ideally positioned to advice on all things medical in terms of claims processes or medical conditions.

We have our own contracted Veterinarian who is contracted to help us case manage the more problematic situations and keep an eye on the costs as well as appropriateness of treatment being considered.
The Claims division is responsible for the accurate assessing and processing of all member claims. They work closely with Finance, to maintain our 48 hour turnaround time for the payment of claims.

The Claims processing division handles:
• all requests for authorisation
• vets quotes for procedures
• chronic-medication queries
• disease-management queries
• pre authorisations
• queries around claims and benefits
And because we don’t operate in a call-centre environment, members will always receive one on one attention. Be it via email or telephone, or face-to-face.

Sales division
Our Sales division handles all queries and requests from prospective clients via their broker and further develops existing relationships within the broker market.

Finance, Admin
All our administration is internal and our premium collections are overseen by our finance department. The finace dept. is also responsible for the collection of premiums as well as the payment of claims – which we can arrange for within 48 hours directly into the vets accounts.

Our staff
Pet Underwriting Managing Agents is operated by a small, but dedicated, team of staff members. Kept busy by our Operations Director, Chanelle Williams.
All our staff are clued-up about the industry and committed to a positive approach as to how we interact with service providers/brokers and clients. We’re best described as a close-knit family who support each other at all times but always putting the needs of your pets first.

Our client base
We have been extremely fortunate to be associated with Medipet, (a specialist broker) who primarily have been responsible for our successful growth to-date.

Currently we look after some 11,000 cats and dogs. Our steady growth has been carefully managed to select the right type of risks to maintain our competitive premiums but also create a built to last type of mentality throughout the Co.
Such growth is carefully managed and we avoid the pit falls of breed exclusions and indeed are careful in accepting any new business on offer – In other words look to avoid any anti selection or pre-existing risk that could simply erode our premium base.

Pet underwriting management, done right.